Cause List

Example of cause list

Providing access to sanitation and hygiene

Rs. 12,000.00
40% Donated
Goal : Rs. 30,000.00
The legal definition of a charitable organization (and of charity) varies between countries and in some instances regions of...

Second Hand Goods Donation

Rs. 80,150.00
29% Donated
Goal : Rs. 270,000.00
Please donate your goods which you don't need anymore. They will help a lot to needy.

Education Needed

Rs. 98,310.00
32% Donated
Goal : Rs. 300,000.00
Education builds the spirit of teamwork and creates a sense of discipline in children, which helps in their growth...

Save Child India

Rs. 102,000.00
25% Donated
Goal : Rs. 400,000.00
Children are suffering in a big way in india and we are pledged to help them in all possible...

Volunteer Funding

Rs. 26,000.00
26% Donated
Goal : Rs. 100,000.00
Grants from trusts, foundations and government • contracts for delivering public services at local and national level

Give Them Opportunities

Rs. 15,350.00
8% Donated
Goal : Rs. 190,000.00
Opportunities for growth are situations where you can advance in your Life. The main way to grow is to...