About Our Organization

Story About Us
Where it all began

Who we are?

Sutra Foundation (Regd.) was first registered on 10th December, 2004. It currently operates in the central area of national Capital city Delhi. The main aim of its establishment is to give power to women for make them independent, uplift and develop poor children and support blind students especially girls.  We encourage people to decide and participate in development activities, and be able to support the vulnerable members of the society


Tackling Poverty

India is a big country with many cultures, different origon of people but few of them still need support and help to survive like in every part of world. Let us help the poor

Make Big Impact

No small help is small rather it is big to help someone and make them survive. Let us step forward and feel proud to help someone to survive. Let’s enjoy the joy of giving

Unite The Society

Poor is a poor not by choice. It is every mankind responsibility to help and support the needy in whatever way we can. We are taking small step to help these needy people.


Our Value

Community centers

Sutra Foundation is National level NGO and have offices in almost all parts of India. We encourage community level support which goes straight to needy people of that region

Data-driven approach

We work on data driven technique. We just don’t work on word of mouth. We analysis data and then seek support and then extend. It is totally data driven

Focused support

India is a big country and demand is there in almost every field but we are focused in children education, women empowerment and helping blind people


Where the money goes

Many Indians donate to charities, but have you ever wondered where does charity money go? 

Sutra Foundations runs specific programs that put children first and reach millions of people in India and around the world. Our high level of accountability means 73 cents out of every rupee donated goes towards our emergency response and crisis aid programs.


Where the problem is

The area under poverty and unemployment in India and surrounding areas is affected each and every year. The frequency of unemployment, family fights, women torture, unattended poor children and blind persons especially girls has been increasing over the years, resulting in increasing crime, loss of life and dark future. The displaced people disrupted the school sessions since the class rooms were temporarily being used as the evacuation home. Almost 20 million people need support for their education, better living standard and live their lives with pride and dignity. For over decades we are facing problem in providing basic necessities to these needy persons.

This contributed to many problems and issues for uneducated and lonely ladies, blind girls and underprivileged children and remains a challenge in the temporary shelters at the site. Lack of proper accommodation, food, toilets, etc at the special homes offers privacy and security concerns to women and girls. From these events, the and the Community Based Organisation through participatory vulnerability assessment, identified the need to have a permanent structure that can house the needy people, and offer privacy and security to women and girls

Our Projects


Our project sites are approximately within the proximity of city of all major states in India. The project was identified to be the priority for Women empowerment by allowing them an opportunity to work for themselves without getting dependent on anybody and another major priority is to undertake child development especially for children who cannot afford education and normal living.

 One of the other projects which we take very seriously is to support blind students. Further steps to seek infrastructure support to socio-economic development. The existing facilities like hostels / Andh vidhalayas cannot accommodate the number of blind students, poor children within the targeted area.

 The main objective of the project in the long term is to address the impacts of women empowerment, child development, and blind students by providing necessities for their daily living and through the construction of community-based rehab center. The center will have one shelter rooms with attached bathrooms, kitchen, dining area, open access are for recreation activities, games room, study room, The project will promote education standards, ensure sanitation and protection issues are encouraged, and promote youth development through all possible support.

Want to get involved?

Charity and extending support does not only mean financially. The idea is to come forward and contribute whether by giving money, time, resources and your heart. Come Forward !!!


Feel the pleasure of giving and what is due. Its time to come forward and extend your help to the needy people


Its never too late to start your charity. Make someone’s like today. Sponsor a blind child for just Rs.1200 a month


Sutra Foundation was established in 2004 and a registered NGO with Govt of India. An accredited organisation