Create a Community and help People Far far away, I strongly believe there are four main pillars of Partnering with Community : Connect with leaders at partner organizations to promote engagement. Define and prioritize goals. Build new partner relationships and strengthen long-standing ones. Ensure screening and referral protocols are seamless Community partnerships refers to how...
Because of our relatively low standard of living, many children consider child poverty to be an important issue. In fact, more than 37 percent of Indian children fall below the poverty line. Because these children don’t have access to basic education, healthcare and protection services they struggle to reach their potential. Charities that help child...
Why education is important for poor? Education also positively impacts other areas of poverty such as shelter, water, sanitation and promotes better utilisation of healthcare facilities. Educating girls in particular makes them more likely to take control of decisions relating to fertility, family welfare, health. How can we help poor students in school? You can...
Is homelessness a problem in India? According to the Homeless World Cup, there were about 1.8 million homeless individuals living in India as of 2019. Over half of this population was living in urban areas, such as slums on the edge of cities. … Due to their lack of resources, those who are homeless and...

Come Forward

Feel the real pleasure by giving what is due. Feel the pleasure of supporting someone who is in need. Come forward to contribute whatever you can to help these needy people.

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