The project site is approximately within whole India covering all major metro cities and Tier 2 cities. The project was identified to help Senior citizens who are alone and cannot afford to fund themselves for medical treatments, shelter or Food. We need to help to ensure that senior citizens without home, food , shelter will have first hand support

70% of India’s poor cancer patients lose their lives due to late detection in their lives. Senior citizens are a major part of it which is approx 30% of it.  17% of Indians senior citizens suffer from mental health disorders. 28% of senior citizens are poor who experience debt, hunger, poverty, and hopelessness are more likely to suffer from mental disorders and cannot afford medical help. Project we undertake is to support them for their living and help them to obtain medical help wherever possible. 

With the project,we undertake medical support for senior citizens in terms of medical help, cancer, mental health, health disorder and various problems including shelter and food. Community will be transformed directly and indirectly considering the benefits that it would create such as improvement on accessibility on basic services (shelter, health, nutrition, food, clothing, domestic items); and an area or venue different for programs and activities from the different government agencies and non-government organizations.