The project site is approximately within whole India and specifically different parts North East and West Bengal. Project also has scope to work in proximity of Delhi and NCR region. The project was identified to The project site is approximately within proximity of Delhi and NCR region but is not limited to these specific cities. Have huge demand and scope in MP, Haryana, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. We need to help to ensure that people with disabilities have equal opportunities. Having a disability such as blindness shouldn’t exclude someone from the opportunity to be independent.

Projects which we undertake is to support blind students. Further steps to seek infrastructure support to socio-economic development. The existing facilities like hostels / Andh vidhalaya’s cannot accommodate the number of blind students, poor children within the targeted area.  We have plans to make blind shelter homes and the center will have one shelter room with clean hygienic attached bathrooms, well equipped kitchen, a proper dining area, open access area for recreation activities, games room, study room etc.

With the project, the blinds children especially girls & women will get benefited where an extended help will be given to them  to live their  life with dignity. To give proper education to them is one of the major challenges and scope of work. Community will be transformed directly and indirectly considering the benefits that it would create such as improvement on accessibility on basic services (education, shelter, health, nutrition, food, clothing, domestic items); and an area or venue different for programs and activities from the different government agencies and non-government organizations.